A variety of skilled  workers across the solar project value chain are needed to achieve India’s targeted 100 GW of solar by 2025. Besides Solar PV industry has the potential to create a more number of unskilled jobs in the project areas ( rural) areas itself which has a huge implication on curbing migration , thereby reduced impact on the natural resources in the urban areas and reducing poverty.

The types of skilled jobs creation possible are as below :-

Function Key Skills Qualification
Manufacturing Research & Product Development Diploma & Graduate Engineers
Business Development Product & service marketing, bid processes, project finance,etc. Graduates & Post Graduates in the related field
Design & Pre-construction Plant design Engineering Diploma & Graduate Engineers
Construction & Commissioning Site engineering and electrical connections/ module connection Diploma & Graduate Engineers
Operation & Maintenance Performance data monitoring & regular maintenance of plant components Diploma & Graduate Engineers

Also Technicians

The types of un-skilled jobs creation possible are as below :-

Construction & CommissioningCivil & mechanical works at the site
Operation & MaintenanceModule Cleaning, Vegetation Management & Housekeeping
Security ServicesGuarding plants

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