Purchase of PV Solar System
1.1 On payment of the deposit payment, you agree to purchase your selected PV Solar System subject to these terms and
1.2 Aeronova Energy will arrange the ordering of your components and the installation of your system for the quoted Aeronova Energy price if:
1.2.1 It is technically feasible as a standard installation, or you agree and pay for any additional costs for a non-standard installation usually 99 % are standard installation if quotation is not given personally and online system used to offer quotation.
1.2.2 You are eligible for Solar Credits


2.1 You agree to payAeronova Energy the balance payment (the remainder of the total payment) prior to start installation on the day of installation as cleared funds by cash or Card (Credit / Debit / cheque). If you booked the installation date but then either fail to be present on the date of installation, or don’t have payment ready for this date or no access to the installation premises then Aeronova Energy will be entitled to charge any reasonable cost incurred to cover the cost of the contractors that it has booked for that date.
2.2 You are asking Aeronova Energy to receive the funds from Solar Credits as part payment for your system. The Solar Credits will be paid directly to Aeronova Energy. If the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator (http://www.aeronovaenergy.com) determines you are not eligible for Solar Credits, and therefore Aeronova Energy is unable to receive the Solar Credits as part payment, you will be liable to Aeronova Energy for the amount of the Solar Credits.

2.3 If you are not eligible for Solar Credits, or do not wish to access the Solar Credits incentive (i.e. you want to keep your STCs) the balance of the system cost is due before installation.
2.4 You acknowledge that if you breach any of the conditions of the Solar Credits incentive, you may be liable to the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator (http://www.aeronovaenergy.com). You acknowledge that Aeronova Energy will have no responsibility to you if this occurs.
2.5 Aeronova Energy will arrange for participants the sale of STCs (for Solar Credits) at the REC price available at the time of your installation, price will be decided on quotation day, if price go below certain amount we may need to wait for installation to come price up or refuse installation and pay your full deposit back.
2.6 If you fail to pay any amount that is due and payable under this Contract Document, Aeronova Energy will be entitled to interest on the unpaid amount (both before and after judgment) at the rate applicable to judgment debts in the Supreme Court.
2.7 You will also have to pay Aeronova Energy any costs associated with recovery of the unpaid amount
(including, but without limitation, legal costs).
2.7.1 All pricing quoted inclusive of GST.
2.8 Ownership of a solar system will pass to you upon payment in full of the Purchase Price for that system

Authority of access to property
3.1 You warrant you are the property owner of the installation address stated in your order.
3.2. You authorise Aeronova Energy (its contractors, employees and installers) to have access to the property at times it reasonably requires. This access may include, but is not limited to, site inspections, the signing of required paperwork, the delivery and installation of the PV Solar system, and connection to the grid.
3.3 You will co-operate as fully as possible to enable site inspections/installation at the earliest possible time convenient to Aeronova Energy.
3.4 You will co-operate as fully as possible to enable the installation at the earliest possible time convenient to Aeronova Energy.
3.5 If the Customer defaults in payment of any part of the purchase price, Aeronova Energy and/or its duly authorised servants or agents may at any time, without notice to the Customer, enter upon the Customer’s residential premises and/or premises at which the System is situated for the purpose of recovering possession of same. In the event that the System has been mixed with or built into the Customer’s property in such a manner as to render the System irrecoverable, the cost of the System shall forthwith be a debt due by the Customer and recoverable by an action in law Termination

4.1 Aeronova Energy may terminate this agreement with you if either:

4.1.1 You do not abide by the terms and conditions.

4.1.2 There are delays in the Aeronova Energy process causing supplier pricing to increase. A full deposit will be refunded.

4.2 you may terminate this agreement or contract within two week of quote date. You may eligible to get refund of deposit after deducting admin charges. We normally start procurement of material or equipment’s after two week of quote date. Customers will have to pay material cost if job cancel after two week of quote date

Product Warranties
5.1 The components are warranted as per the various manufacturers’ warranties. These Warranties are as provided by the manufacturers and can be found in the official documents.
5.2. The solar system warranty is one year from the date of installation unless specified in the quote or invoice. Aeronova Energy is responsible to provide onsite service free of charge during solar system warranty period only. Warranty conditions of Products or components (Such as Solar PV Module, Inverter, and Railing) are varying from supplier to supplier. We will try to provide better service to our customers but actual labour charges will be applicable to replace the faulty parts/components/products during warranty period of products or components. Customer must have to pay full labour charges in advance before commencing the work.
5.3 Aeronova Energy does not guarantee any particular level of performance of the PV Solar system. The
performance is subject to a number of local factors including the roof orientation and pitch, the number of hours of direct sunlight, cloud cover and shading from building structures and trees, some of which will change over time