About Us

We are Aeronova Energy foretell in the business of “Making India” and “lives of people”-‘Green’ and that’s our motto! We indulge with finest renewable energy resources such as solar panels, solar inverters and batteries and thus passionately engage in solar panel installation. Currently, we are in Uttar Pradesh and indeed, provides smiles to hundreds and facilitates industries with power-saving innovation through our innovative range of solar products in Lucknow, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Etawah, Agra, Jhanshi, Ayodhya and others.

What’s our reach?

Since it had been 2 years into this industry, we had learned so much and today we are not one, we have enriched hundreds of lives and it is our breath-taking efforts that’ve made us keep going in providing feasible and quality solutions that have created a bond of trust, so far. Now, of course, we bring smiles on more than 200 customers, brighten the darkness over hundreds of residences and buildings, and install over (no. of projects completed incapacity)

How’re we different?

Walking with immortal vision i.e. “Making India Green” we do it in an exceptional way while following layman concept design and absolute modern design, radiantly. In addition, our products and services guarantee ensure reduce the electricity cost that saves your pocket. Besides, if you need assistance in solar panels or maintenance, we invoke and get their for you 24*7. That’s how we are different!

We have Delivered Various Type Solar Projects

Residential Solar Project

1-On Grid Solar System

2-Off-Grid Solar System

Commercial Solar Project

1-Solar petrol Pump

2-Solar Aata Chakki

3-Agricultural Water Pump

4- Cold Storage Project

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