Solar Aata Chakki

Solar Aata Chakki is a Flour Mill which uses electricity produced by sun as a source of energy. Today we will talk about how we can earn 50000 to 80000 rupees a month. Solar Energy based Flour mill is a great option for this

Solar Energy Based flour mill mainly consists of 6 parts.

Solar Aata Chakki System

 1) Flour Mill.

 2) Motor.

 3) Solar panel.

 4) Solar drive or Vfd drive.

5) Solar panel stand.

6) Wiring.

First Part

The first main part of this plant is the flour mill. Friends, remember that at least 20 inch flour mill should be set up so that you can make 10 to 15 quintals of flour a day. It will give you a profit of 2000 to 2500 rupees daily.

Second Part

The second part of solar energy based flour mill is motor, you can install 10 HP motor to run 20 inch to 24 inch Flour Mill. When choosing a motor, remember to always have a good company motor, and tell the shopkeeper that we have to operate the motor from the solar panel, so that the shopkeeper will give you a motor with less jerk load. The motor with low jerk load gives very good performance on the solar panel.

Third Part

The most expensive part of the solar flour mill is the solar panel. With the solar panel, you make electricity to run your flour mill. There are several types of solar panels, mainly polycrystalline, mono crystalline, mono perc, bi-facial. We should keep in mind that while choosing solar panel technology, our solar panel should give us maximum power for 12 months of the year.

Fourth Part

Number four comes the solar VFD drive, which we can also call solar drive. The job of solar drive is to convert the DC power generated from your solar panel into AC power that can be run by the motor.


  • Govt. accelerated up to 80% Tax depreciation on plant value for commercial consumers.
  • Reduce 70%-90% of your Electricity Bill.
  • Solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint.
How much does a 5 Hp to 30 Hp Solar System Price?

these price list are depend only Mono Half-Cut Solar System.

Off grid solar systemPrice (all inclusive)
05 Hp4,06,000
7.5 Hp5,40,000
10 Hp6,76,000
15 Hp9,80,000
20 Hp11,75,000
30 Hp18,00,000

*12% Gst Included Gst

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