India is on the cusp of a solar revolution and we at Tata Power Solar have been right at the forefront, leading the move towards sustainable energy solutions.Investing in rooftop solutions leads to great savings, while protecting the environment. Tata Power Solar offers solar rooftop for home. Save and Earn from your idle rooftop space

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customer feedback solar system relatedEnjoy Low Electric bills by switching to Solar and get the accelerated depreciation benefits to lower costs and reduce return of investments. Commercial solar panels employ a large number of solar arrays to generate more electricity Solar arrays can be installed on top of buildings and can generate enough energy to supply power to the whole building.

1-  Adaptable to different situations  2- Renewable and non-polluting 3 to 5 year mountings  warranty

We have Delivered Various Type Solar Projects

Residential Solar Project

1-On Grid Solar System

2-Off-Grid Solar System


  • Govt. accelerated up to 80% Tax depreciation on plant value for commercial consumers.
  • Reduce 90% of your Electricity Bill.
  • Solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint.
  • Subsidy 15000 Per Kw System.


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