On Grid Solar

An On Grid solar plant also known as grid tie or connected solar system is the most cost effective type for solar system. It is a complete solar setup that comes with highly efficient solar panels, on-grid solar inverter and other standard solar accessories. 

On Grid Solar Plant

Component Of Solar System

1- Solar Module

2- Solar Grid Inverter

4- Solar Structure And Accessories

3- Solar Net Meter

5- Install ion

6- 5 years Service Part


  • Govt. accelerated up to 80% Tax depreciation on plant value for commercial consumers.
  • Reduce 90% of your Electricity Bill.
  • Solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint.
  • Solar Subsidy 14588 Per Kw System.
How much does a 1 kW to 10 kW Solar System Price?

On Grid Solar Plant prices list are depend only Dcr Poly or Mono Panel system.

On Grid Solar systemMono Half-Cut Price (all inclusive)
1 kw₹ 75,000.0
2 kw₹ 1,40,000
3 kw₹ 2,10,000
5 kw₹ 3,40,000
7 kw₹ 5,05,000
10 kw₹ 6,30000

  • 12% Gst Included

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