Hybrid Solar System

When choosing a type of solar system for home, institute, business or industry, mostly choose either an on grid solar system or an off grid solar system. But now one more option is available and that is “HYBRID SOLAR POWER SYSTEM”.

A hybrid solar power system is combination of on grid solar system and off grid solar system. It has battery backup in it to store power and it also have the ability to feed surplus electricity into main grid.

It means that even during a power-cut your system will work, you still have electricity. Hybrid system is a combination of solar energy storage with grid connection. This system provide the flexibility of being able to store the power into batteries that your solar system generated during the day time instead of feeding it back into electricity grid. The same energy can be used in the evening or night instead of buying from government grid at a higher price.

Intelligent Solar System

Hybrid system is fully automatic, programmable and custom engineer system. Which provides a smart hybrid combination of all energy sources to you.

3 Options of Electricity

After installing hybrid system, you have 3 option available to run your load. Or you can say hybrid inverter will run your load automatically on below option.

  • 1st priority solar panel will run you connected load.
  • 2nd priority battery bank will be used up to 60%.
  • 3rd priority electricity grid will be used in case of extra uses.
Hybrid Solar Power System Price

Hybrid PV solar system price range starts from Rs.1 Lakh for 1 kW solar system to Rs. 15 Lakh for 20 kW solar system for home and business purpose in India.

Solar Hybrid Power System Price List 2021
Solar System ModelSelling pricePrice per watt
1kW Hybrid systemRs. 93,403Rs. 93.403
2kW Hybrid systemRs. 1,63,242Rs. 81.621
3kW Hybrid systemRs. 2,08,003Rs. 69.34
5kW Hybrid systemRs. 3,51,195Rs. 70.239
10kW Hybrid systemRs. 5,13,595Rs. 51.36
15kW Hybrid systemRs. 9,45,565Rs. 63.037
20kW Hybrid systemRs. 15,25,785Rs. 76.28

*12% Gst Extra

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