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Agricultural Water Pump uses to Low Electric bills by switching to Solar and get the accelerated depreciation benefits to lower costs and reduce return of investments. Commercial solar panels employ a large number of solar arrays to generate more electricity Solar arrays can be installed on top of buildings and can generate enough energy to supply power to the whole building. 1-  Adaptable to different situations 2-  Renewable and non-polluting 3 to 5 year mountings warranty.


  • Govt. accelerated up to 80% Tax depreciation on plant value for commercial consumers.
  • Reduce 50%-70% of your Electricity Bill.
  • Solar generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint.
How much does a 5 Hp to 30 Hp Solar System Price?

In India, up to 30 Hp solar system is designed to work with Vfd Base & Solar Charge Controler,here is the price list of solar energy powered solar system from 5 kW to 30 kW. these price list are depend only poly panel system.

Off grid solar systemPrice (all inclusive)
05 Hp₹ 2,25000
07 Hp₹ 3,15,000
10 Hp₹ 4,40,000
15 Hp₹ 6,60,000
20 Hp₹ 8,60,000
30 Hp₹ 12,60000

*12% Gst Extra